Selling Your Rolex Watch


Unless you grew up toddling around your fathers jewelry store like I did, or had a deep love for precious items since coming being birthed from the womb, selling your valuables can be very confusing and intimidating. And a brand like Rolex can be tough to sell with so many replica watches available and business dealers to sell them, plus the scumbags trying to pass fakes for real ones. And they get pretty clever too. And how can you even be certain about the price of the original? Yup, lots of questions, that’s why we’re here to help.

Selling your Rolex doesn’t have to haunt your dreams. In fact, many of our customers come by all the time with high end brand watches, some of them buy and sell from us often, others just once or twice a year. Where ever you fall in that spectrum, we’ve put together an easy 3-step approach for selling your Rolex, getting what it is worth, and most importantly, understanding why it is the value it is. A little research and an organized approach will serve you well.

Step 1: Gather the Correct Information, but don’t worry if you don’t have papers or the box.

Like anything else you sell, first and foremost you should gather all the information regarding your Rolex piece. The more information you have about your watch, the more comfortable you are going to feel going out to the market with it.

So here is a question that pops up a lot. “Do I need to have the original papers or box that came with the watch?” No, you don’t. We at Abla Jewelers buy and sell Rolex watches all the time without papers. Now, if you’re trying to sell it on Craigslist (more on that below) to people who aren’t sure what they are doing, then yes, papers may help you, but any reputable jewelry store should have staff who can spot a fake from across the room.

And just like classic cars, many Rolex collectors value the originality of their watches. A watch repaired without original parts may have a lower value, so if you plan to repair before selling,  you’ll want to get hold of all the original Rolex factory parts you’re thinking about replacing, as they would further add more value to the watch. Grab a nice box and keep it all together. And if you happen to have service receipts, it’s not a bad idea to bring them along.

Step 2: Pricing

Estimating the value of your Rolex can be difficult. Whether men’s or women’s, one way dealers take advantage of your lack of expertise is if you don’t have all the paperwork. Even when the dealers are not in it for deceiving you, they may not know what the heck they are talking about. Make sure to do your homework on the watch before making a final decision.

Step 3: Research Your Dealer

This step works as the most crucial decision in all of the selling process because selling your watch begins once you find the right person or place to sell it. Lucky for you there is almost always a high demand for the Rolex brand. Therefore, many of the dealers you may find are not completely honest about their business and dealings.

Now, we know you’re going to say, well of course you’re going to say that, but please be careful on listing sites and online platforms like eBay or Craigslist. There are literally thousands of scammers who make great living selling counterfeit pieces that look really good. Most look terrible, but some get close. Just do what feels right, if it’s too good to be true, it is.

And make sure to check out your local dealers. Whether you trust them or not, a brick and mortar location could not survive for long if they were out to scam everybody. Check out reviews online of the dealers. Like our Yelp reviews for example (we are so proud of our Yelp reviews we’re like new Dads every time one comes through 🙂

We’ve been off Arden Way in Sacramento for 20 years, family owned, we have thousands of repeat customers, and hundreds who buy and sell Rolex watches from us all the time, because they trust us. And we’re a good spot to sell your Rolex because our overhead is low. We’re not located inside a mall or have a huge corporation dictating our pricing. that they would take up overhead costs. For your financial ease, many dealers like Abla Jewelers, offer instant cash on the spot making the transaction easy right in the beginning.

To wrap this up like a bow, last but certainly not the least, you are selling your Rolex to get paid in place of it so do not agree to some form of consignment deal with your dealers rather make negotiations to receive the money you have been promised and just in case you walk through the doors of Abla Jewelers then don’t worry about the money at all as you are now in the hands of the 20-years experienced, warm loving hands of family dealers who will provide you the cash right on the spot.

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