Abla Jeweler’s Take on the 4 C’s of Buying Diamonds


Okay, the first step is out of the way! You’ve asked her friends and family members what kind of ring style she likes, you’ve non-nonchalantly noticed different rings over the past few months, very uncharacteristic of you, but hoping to get an idea of what she likes without giving away the secret. You’re confident you have an idea of what she wants. Now it’s time to price the rings and stones out. Go get some firm offers local stores. 

Next, you Google and research ‘how to buy a wedding ring’, or ‘buy engagement ring sacramento’, you’re anxious to look, but dreading the pressure that comes with walking into a jewelry store. But you know that until you go out and start actually  looking at rings and stones, you won’t have a solid price in your head. 

We know what an exciting and anxious time this is for you, picking out an engagement ring. Every guy is different, different budgets, different taste among their ladies, so many factors come into play. We’ve helped thousands of guys throughout Sacramento for over 20 years to get the right ring for their situation. And we wrote this article to help you quickly understand what to look for when shopping for an engagement ring or diamond.

How can you write about something as beautiful as a diamond, and not minimize the beauty of it? I thought of a simple question, are you as amazed as I am to see the shine in the C? I am talking about Cut in a diamond. The brilliant and fascinating sparkle that comes from looking at a diamond? By now you’ve no doubt heard of the 4 C’s, which are are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.

The 4 c’s, interesting how something so timeless and powerful as what a diamond represents can have only a few things to determine how it should be judged. Seeing a diamond in your eyes makes it almost a mystery. 4 c’s and an exquisite beaming beautiful stone. The hardest naturally occurring material on Earth. Amazing.

Interesting enough, the diamond C’s do not match their description. Not when it comes to evaluating a diamonds grade anyway. What is this about you may ask? Well each diamond is unique. It is unique like the saying a diamond in the rough is. A diamond uses a few characteristics to determine its integrity as a gem. We at Abla Jewelers know the value of a diamond through the 4 c’s, and our thousands of customers know it too!

The 4 c’s of a diamond are the defining factors of a diamond value. The 4 c’s make up a diamonds identity. A mishap among these factors may greatly tarnish the gems value. We have been using the 4-c’s in grading diamonds for over 20 years and providing the best Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat you can buy. 

A diamond Cut is often the most misunderstood characteristic of diamonds. A Cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond as the name implies, however, it is the sparkle that the diamond produces. A diamond could be referred to as a pretty Cut due to the sheer gleam that it produces not the “cut.” You will notice with a diamond cut that a natural beauty is revealed through the Cut by the way it connects with light. Its interaction with light is as sacred to a diamond as wedding vows are to a couple.  A diamonds cut is the most important grading factor. A diamond cut often sells the diamond naturally by itself. 

Diamonds although beautiful, shiny and inviting too have flaws. Inner flaws or inclusions to the Gem. These commonly occur during the formation process and involve a series of references to charts to grade the diamond properly. In comparison to the data a diamond is revealing its Clarity.

As you can imagine even diamonds have imperfections, minimizing those imperfections and maximizing the clarity of a diamond increases its value considerably. A diamond that is less clear or with a low clarity grade does not mean that the diamond is not valuable. A diamond through Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat together value the diamond. A diamond must be inspected thoroughly. Abla Jewelers does that. We inspect our diamonds thoroughly to give our customer the best and finest diamond grading experience and value.

A diamond high in clarity with a beautiful cut will then be graded on its Color. This factor is most commonly how people view diamonds. The importance of color is refraction of the light in the diamond, the color, it’s that sparkle in your eye when you see the diamond. When the diamond reveals its Color and Clarity and imperfect, but perfect Cut. You know what I mean? When that diamond has that look, that glare that you can’t seem to break free from.  Colorless diamonds if you can imagine produce such a brilliant shine that you can understand why they are most sought after.

A diamond is no different in logistics. It must be weighed, graded and measured. Its carat size must be determined. The carat size of a diamond is often one of the most discussed items in wedding preparations and engagements. Every little girl dreams of a large Carat on her finger as she weds. Rightfully so, Carat size is how people often perceive jewelry. The size of a Carat could easily be one of the larger and most consumer driven purchases when it comes to a diamond. Diamond weights are an estimation to the carat. This is due to the inability to cut an exact weight of a diamond. When it comes to the carat of a diamond it is easy to guess that the bigger the more expensive. Is the bigger the better diamond? Or is the better Cut? The Better Color? Maybe clarity? We would love to hear from you at Abla. We focus on an inviting experience, a diamond experience at Abla Jewelers. 

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