October Birthstones in Sacramento

At Abla Jewelers, one of our more popular items each month are birthstones. Here are the October birthstones and what you need to know, we are confident that you will find the subject most interesting and fascinating.  People born during the month of October get to select from two birthstones, either opal or tourmaline.  The possibilities are endless since each gem comes in a rainbow of different color combinations and shades.  Furthermore, it’s the stuff of legend that both of October’s birthstones arrived on planet Earth via an incredible journey through rainbows.  Depending on your particular style and preferences, between the ever-changing tourmaline and beautifully-colored opal, you will definitely have all the colors of the spectrum covered.


Strikingly Iridescent and usually with a milky tone, opals have long been associated with harbingers of good luck since the Middle Ages.  Opal is the result of seasonal rains that drenched dry ground in places such as Australia’s outback.  As we alluded to earlier, Opal is renown for its flashing rainbow colors known as play-of-color.  One should also understand that there are two broad classes of opal: precious and common. Opal of the precious variety displays play-of-color, common opal doesn’t, therefore, that’s one significant way of telling them apart.  Opal hues range across the spectrum, an opal may display a single color, two or three colors, or all the colors of the rainbow.  Only so much words can convey, you really need to experience the mystique of Opal firsthand and embark on a mysterious journey of infinite color.

The colors each stone reflects is dependent on how it was formed.  Temperature plays a critical role including what types of rock it was surrounded by at origin. These variables influence the internal structure of the gemstone making it capable of reflecting certain colors and saturations. Opal can appear in many colors, including white, blue, pink, green, yellow, brown and black.

It appears that Opal engagement rings and jewelry usually appeal to the most vintage of tastes.  In any case, its beauty and quality is out of this world.  As an October birthstone, what better way to surprise the love of your life or a sibling with an October birthday.  It’s certainly an ideal gift that they will cherish dearly that brings a journey of significant meaning over time. Their unique reflections of color present a wide range of precious gemstone jewelry  from oversized gemstone rings to your beautiful, delicate and understated bracelets.  For those considering marriage, why not check out a gorgeous opal engagement ring as your symbol of eternal love and devotion.


Tourmaline represents beauty personified.  It’s formed in a wide selection of colors.  The most popular include blue, green, and red tourmaline widely used in gemstone jewelry. The pink and red hue arrives through natural irradiation, deepening their color to an appealingly romantic shade. Brazil and Africa are famous for this exquisite mineral.

Considered one of the most colorful of all gemstones, Tourmaline occurs in numerous shades.  The most common colors of Tourmaline include chrome (green), cat’s eye (striped brown), paraiba (bright neon blue), schorl (black), dravite (yellows and browns) and watermelon (green on the outside and pink on the inside). Please contact Abla Jewelers for your October birthstones.

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