Where to Buy Citizen Watches in Sacramento?

As we approach the holiday season, if you’re searching for the perfect gift to pass the gift of time, check out the fantastic sale for Citizen watches at Abla Jewelers in Sacramento.  For almost a hundred years, many folks around the globe have relied on Citizen timepieces.  The brand is synonymous with time itself.  Citizen has always represented the vanguard and innovation in the telling time business with competitive brands copying to keep pace.  From his humble roots way back in 1918, the company has indeed changed with the times no pun intended, not only just producing the finest in men’s and ladies’ watches, but also dive watches, Eco-Drive watches and atomic watches too.  Citizen has established itself as the world’s largest watchmaker with its global fans always eagerly anticipating the next trends that will shock and amaze.  Creativity and innovation go hand in hand with what this prestigious brand stands for.  Don’t just buy an ordinary watch, purchase a Citizen timepiece and add your name to the long list of satisfied customers around the world.

Innovation at its finest

Citizen delivered the world’s slimmest LCD watch and the first voice recognition watch.  Watches possess so much more capabilities beyond just adorning wrists, Citizen brings the timepiece to life like wearing a Renaissance masterpiece.  When you buy Citizen, you truly don’t just get a watch, you get wearable art.  Citizen also introduced to the world the first professional dive watch with an electric sensor.  As human behavior continues to evolve on planet Earth, it was Citizen at the helm of the global shift to alternative energy and “green” technology. The company is renown for its Eco-Drive collection of Citizen men’s watches and  ladies’ watches that never need a disposable battery to power the movement inside the watch.  Even if you have a good watch right now, why don’t you purchase another.  Some folks nowadays like the flexibility of having different timepieces, start a collection to give your wardrobe a full range of choice.  Please check out the terrific sale of Citizen watches at Abla Jewelers in Sacramento today, you will be glad you did.

Pride in excellence

It’s no accident when an organization rises up to a commanding position in the marketplace.  Citizen represents the finest in craftsmanship and reliability.  Via constant innovation and evolution to deliver the best results, Citizen is always pushing the boundaries to define what’s possible.   The popular “Fueled by light,” design took the world by storm.  As the motto spells out, it creates less refuse and more usage out of the existing rechargeable power cell inside of the watch. A solar panel, which is almost invisible, is installed inside the watch underneath the dial capturing the light.  Citizen Eco-Drive watches can be charged with exposure to both natural sunlight and any type of artificial light too.  Citizen watches  featuring crystals composed of scratch-resistant mineral glass are also available.  You can also purchase scratch-proof sapphire, bands and cases crafted from stainless steel, titanium or ceramics.  Rest assured that Citizen only uses the highest quality materials for precision of timekeeping and chronograph detail.  Take full advantage of the Citizen watches sale at Abla Jewelers today.



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